Cyprus: Demonstrators demand the withdrawal of “Satanic” song


And today, Saturday, raise scores Cypriots Orthodox Christians have wooden crosses and chanted church hymns outside the Cypriot State Broadcasting Corporation building, demanding the withdrawal of the controversial song titled “El Diablo” which is a Spanish word meaning “evil“.

The protesters say the song promotes the cult of Satan, according to what the Associated Press reported.

And the agency reported that some of the demonstrators, including families, raised banners with words in Greek saying, “We are demonstrating peacefully, no to El Diablo (No to the Devil).”

وتصر Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation The singer says the song has been misinterpreted and that the song is actually about an abusive relationship between two lovers.

These protests come several days after the powerful Orthodox Church called for the withdrawal of the song, which it said mocked the moral foundations of the country by calling for “our surrender to Satan and promoting his worship,” according to the agency.


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