Coronavirus symptoms may last for 9 months after recovery … a study shows


A new study stated that some symptoms of the Corona virus may last for nine months after they are discovered, according to the Journal of the American Medical Association JAMAWhere a group of 234 participants with Corona was contacted between August and November 2020 and asked to fill out one questionnaire between three to nine months after the discovery of the disease, yet the study found that the Corona virus can cause symptoms or medical complications that last for weeks and months even after recovery.

Some of the most common long-term symptoms were fatigue, loss of sense of smell and taste, brain fog or mental confusion, and difficulty performing daily activities such as housework.


Excessive fatigue is one of the most common symptoms, as well as the main symptom of Corona. Whether you suffer from the initial complications of Corona or you have been fighting Corona for a long time, fatigue has been diagnosed in almost every patient with Corona.

According to a study JAMA The latter, researchers found that 24 of the 177 patients in the study had prolonged states of fatigue and fatigue.

Loss of the sense of smell and taste

Likewise, in the research, another group of 24 patients complained of losing their sense of smell and taste even after recovering from the deadly virus.

With the emergence of Corona, many patients reported the inability to smell or taste anything, according to scientists, this may be due to the damage that the virus causes to the sense of smell.

Brain fog

Brain fog has also been reported among other long-standing symptoms of Corona. According to the new study, 23 patients experienced symptoms and were struggling to overcome them.

Covid disease survivors who have experienced brain fog explain the difficulty of expressing their thoughts and expressions, and some have complained of difficulty speaking or speaking fluently.

Inability to perform daily activities

Due to the persistent symptoms of Corona along with other medical complications, the inability to work or perform daily functions is evident and increasing. However, 14 patients complained of their inability to do simple activities, including domestic work.


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