Corona vaccine: why do most Egyptians not accept it?


  • Ahmed Shousha
  • BBC – Cairo

Mervat Mahrous
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Mervat Mahrous is among the groups that have the priority to receive the vaccine

Mervat Mahrous took a calm step towards the doctor, who would give her the injection she had been waiting for. Inside the medical hall, there were others over the age of 65 or those with chronic diseases.

These are the first categories of care for Egyptian citizens that have been identified by the Ministry of Health to start receiving the Coronavirus vaccine today, in addition to the medical teams that have already started vaccination more than a month ago.

Mervat says that she feels that this vaccine will protect her. “If she is exposed to the Coronavirus, God forbid, it will pass as if it were a common cold.”

The public medical center in the New Nozha region, north of Cairo, where Mervat took her vaccination, is one of 40 centers designated by the Egyptian Ministry of Health across the country to give vaccines, which the Ministry said will increase in succession to meet the needs of everyone who expresses a desire for the vaccine.


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