Corona vaccination campaign … How did Morocco enter the top ten club?


The number of people vaccinated with the first dose is approaching 4 million people, while the number of people vaccinated with the second dose is about 400,000.

Morocco was able to vaccinate these numbers within a month and a few days, as the campaign was officially launched on January 28th with a strong signal from the country’s monarch. King Mohammed VI Who received the first dose of the vaccine.

The Ministry of Health has prepared a huge national strategy betting on vaccinating 30 million citizens, or nearly eighty percent of the population, with the aim of reaching herd immunity by the end of next April.

It depends Morocco, West, sunset On the Chinese vaccines Sinopharm, and the British AstraZeneca. The number of doses obtained, so far, has reached seven million, including six million from the British vaccine.

The list of the ten leading countries in the vaccination campaign includes a number of countries, including the United Arab Emirates, the United States, Britain, Germany, Turkey and Israel.

Morocco is better than France and Italy

Morocco is emerging as a “role model” at the continental and international levels, in terms of the acceleration in the pace of vaccination.

And in a lengthy article entitled “Morocco is better than France And Italy, “the newspaper” Corriere della Sera “, which is considered the most famous in Italy, mentioned the Moroccan vaccination campaign.

And the newspaper considered that Morocco climbs the world ranking steadily with regard to Vaccination Against Corona, noting that the campaign covered a higher percentage of the population compared to Italy, France and almost all European countries.

The Italian newspaper added that although the African continent to which Morocco belongs is considered particularly vulnerable, the Kingdom was “a unique exception in vaccination against the virus,” as it alone represents 94 percent of the number of vaccinated people in the entire African continent.

According to updated data, Morocco was able to vaccinate 10.71% of its population, while the rate reached 7.57% in Italy and 6.89% in France.

According to the doctor, a researcher in health policies and systems, Dr. Tayeb Hamdi, Morocco not only surpassed France and Italy, but also many European countries, such as Belgium, Spain and Switzerland.

The spokesman notes that the Kingdom has achieved “leadership” at the regional level, at a time when vaccination campaigns have not yet started in most African and Maghreb countries, such as Tunisia and Mauritania, while Algeria is slow.

In this context, the researcher physician considers that a tribute World Health Organization The Moroccan vaccination campaign is, in fact, a call to motivate other countries to adopt the model of countries that won the challenge.

Reasons for the success of pollination

In an interview with “Sky News Arabia”, Dr. Al-Tayeb Hamdi confirms that the Kingdom’s proactive move, by concluding agreements with companies producing vaccines at an early date, enabled it to obtain Dosing Just in time for the launch of a national campaign that was characterized by “numerical momentum”, by vaccinating hundreds of thousands from the beginning, in contrast to the “symbolic” campaigns launched by a group of countries around the world.

Regarding the direct reasons that made Morocco enter the world top ten club, Dr. Hamdi emphasized that the campaign is characterized by speed and tight organization, as the Kingdom managed to vaccinate ten percent of its population, within a month, outperforming European countries that were the first to launch vaccination campaigns.

The spokesman expects that Morocco will reach, within two or three weeks, to achieve immunity among vulnerable groups, given the young structure of the Moroccan population pyramid.

Another factor in the superiority of the Moroccan model, the researcher in health policies and systems points to the logistical mobilization of authorities, which have been exploited Electronic media To facilitate the registration process and obtain appointments.

Speaking about the skepticism that hinders vaccination campaigns in some parts of the world, Dr. Hamdi delves into the history of Moroccans with vaccinations, stressing that “the Moroccan has a good relationship with vaccinations,” as the country easily reached in the past, rates exceeding 90 percent of the vaccination campaigns for children and others. .

In this context, he sheds light on what he described as the great involvement of Moroccans in the vaccination campaign against Covid 19Out of the desire to be protected from the virus, and out of “a sense that stems from the desire to contribute to a national effort.”

وبحسب Moroccan Ministry of HealthThe free vaccination campaign will last for three months, and in its first phase, it targets workers in the front lines, such as health workers, security forces, military personnel, and educational frameworks, as well as the elderly, provided that it includes at a later time all groups over the age of 17 years.


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