Corona kills 2.5 million people around the world, and the vaccine is the solution


Corona kills 2.5 million people around the world, and the vaccine is the solution

Corona kills 2.5 million people around the world, and the vaccine is the solution Corona deaths in Spain

Citizen – Muhammad Daoud – Jeddah

Consultant otolaryngologist Dr. Ibrahim Al-Maimani considered that the death of 2.5 million people due to the Corona virus around the world reflects the seriousness of the virus that causes the disease, indicating that the history of mankind has not witnessed this astronomical number of deaths, as the record of the number of deaths in the event of the spread of epidemics confirms the seriousness of the virus and what It has the characteristics and features and the ability to genetic mutations.

118 million injuries

And between in statements to “ The Citizen “The infection of 118 million people in the world with the Corona virus is another evidence of its strong characteristic, which is the characteristic of spread, and this has been observed in its rapid spread and the increase in cases of infection at the global level, and what helped its rapid spread is also the absence of vaccination for it in that The time, which prompted the research authorities to work in two directions, the first to reveal the advantages and characteristics of the virus, and secondly to find a preventive vaccine for it that protects humanity from exposure to the virus.

Corona vaccine is the biggest achievement

Dr. Al-Maymani noted that reaching several preventive vaccines to confront the Corona virus is in itself the greatest achievement in the history of humanity and medicine, so that the world can encircle and surround the virulence of the virus, and not allow it to advance further through its genetic mutations, and this also confirms. The importance of taking preventive vaccinations to ensure safety of health and to prevent the spread of the virus.

The secrets are constantly being revealed

The ENT consultant concluded by saying that, despite the passage of more than a year since Corona and the reaching of vaccines, the efforts of scientists are still continuing to uncover the secrets and mysteries of the virus and the reasons for the variation and difference in its work inside the body from one person to another, but the important thing that was a challenge for scientists is to find a Corona vaccine, which is What has been achieved through several vaccines, and this is a great victory for the medical field.

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