Corona .. Iran bans travel to “dangerous” cities on Nowruz


Ankara / Anatolia

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani announced a travel ban to cities with high infections with the Coronavirus, on the “Nowruz holiday” that begins on March 21.

According to the official Iranian News Agency (IRNA), the decision was made on Saturday, after a meeting of the “National Committee to Combat Corona” headed by Rouhani in the capital Tehran.

The agency confirmed that travel was banned to cities with a red and orange condition, calling on citizens of his country to reduce their movement on Nowruz and not to plan their tourist holidays for the dangerous cities that have been identified.

On the other hand, Iranian health spokeswoman Sima Sadat Lari announced that her country is witnessing the lowest level of compliance with medical standards to prevent Coronavirus since last November, as it dropped to 71.7 percent.

According to the latest data of the Ministry of Health, 11 districts in the country have been identified as red (high risk), 32 in orange (medium risk), 251 in yellow (low risk), and 154 in blue (least risk).

According to these data, the most dangerous areas are concentrated in the southwest of the country, specifically in Khuzestan Province.

Iranian officials express their fear of a new wave of spread of the Corona virus, due to the high turnout of travel ahead of Nowruz, which is the first day of the year in the Persian calendar.

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