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Starting today, Saturday (March 6, 2021), the means for self-testing Corona tests began to be sold on a large scale in retail stores in Germany.
Consumers can buy coronavirus testing kits at the “Aldi” supermarket chain by simply paying for them directly. Lidl, Reef and Idica, the chain of stores, will soon start selling self-testing devices, while Rossman and DM stores are looking to start selling these methods next Tuesday.

A customer can only obtain one package of self-test kits, produced in Germany and sold primarily by the “Aldi” supermarket chain. The package costs 25 euros and includes five methods of testing. The chain of “Aldi” stores had previously indicated that the packages of test methods may run out from its stores on the first day of the start of the sale if the demand for them is very high.
A spokesman for “Aldi Zud” told the German news agency (DPA) on Friday (March 5) that this is the first batch of testing methods and there are more of them on the way to the company’s branches.
Self-tests work well in the same way as rapid tests. The difference is that the customer himself performs the test and takes a swab from the front of the nose, taking into account the instructions for use, and the result appears with a change of color after 15 to 20 minutes. Other tests are also to be added, including gargling and saliva. If the result is positive, this should be confirmed with a PCR test. It should be noted that even if the result is negative, precautionary measures against Corona must continue.

On February 24, the Federal Institute for Medicines and Medical Devices issued the first special approvals for testing devices for self-use by ordinary people. So far, there are seven private approvals.

It should be noted that the usual way of placing medical products on the German market is to place the CE mark on the products by the permit authorities. The Federal Institute for Medicines and Medical Devices assumes that manufacturers will also follow the usual path when putting these products on the market.



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