“Community development” in Dubai encourages reading through a variety of activities


Dubai: “The Gulf”
The Community Development Authority in Dubai announced a set of events and initiatives organized by the authority, through visual communication, coinciding with the month of reading, and aims to raise awareness of the importance of adopting reading as a daily practice for the individual, family and institutions, and awareness of its impact on opening new knowledge horizons and community development. The authority’s activities began with a seminar hosted by Jamal bin Huwaireb, Executive Director of the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation, which highlighted the importance of the individual and family’s lives and their impact on the development of society. Bin Huwaireb said: Countries are measured by their readers, and there is no renaissance without knowledge or knowledge without reading. Dedicating a month for reading comes with the leadership’s belief in this, to achieve the national policy for reading. He emphasized that the state has made great strides in this field, by spreading awareness of the importance of reading among members of society and the people of the Arab world in general, or by significantly raising reading rates, whether for printed or digital books or articles and publications on communication sites and others. The authority, in cooperation with its partners, during the month of reading, provides links to free e-books on various topics, which employees can download and read, to encourage them with suggestions for the best books that can be read. It will also offer a competition among its employees for the most beautiful home library that includes the books that the employee and his family read, and lighting on the impact of their presence on the culture and awareness of family members. The activities will also include the launch of a virtual reading club, in which employees present summaries of the books they have read, in a way that contributes to the transfer of knowledge and the excitement of the rest of the staff to read them. Kholoud Al-Sharaf, Director of Marketing and Corporate Communications, said that the authority will work to achieve the greatest possible benefit from the month of reading, and invest the enthusiasm of employees to reach a set of goals, on top of which is spreading awareness of the importance of knowledge exchange, and the significant and positive impact that the daily practice of reading in a thinking pattern leaves Individuals and their general and specialized culture. The authority will also provide on its platforms a number of links to electronic libraries, which the public can benefit from, to download a set of the best selected books.


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