“Club House” … what is the secret of this uproar?


Before talking about how the “Clubhouse” app came about, it is necessary to mention the excitement factors surrounding it. The application was able, in a smart way, taking advantage of the closure measures around the world due to the Corona pandemic, to create a kind of aura around it very quickly. For example, it is exclusively present on the Apple App Store, and even if you own a phone or a smart tablet for the same company, you still need an invitation from one of the users in order to be able to access this “hidden island.” It is more like a “secret club”, accessible only if you are a lucky person and you know one of the members of this club in the basement! All these factors make the application desirable even before knowing what it is or how it works, while the people of “Android” are waiting impatiently to release it with a version that works on their phones.

Last month, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, asked the official account of the Kremlin, via a tweet from his Twitter account, whether the Russian president wanted to join him in a conversation on the “Clubhouse” app. “Would you like to join me for a chat at the Clubhouse?” He said. Then he followed this with a tweet in Russian that translated into: “It is a great honor to talk to you.”

This tweet was enough to ignite the “Clubhouse” platform, as the number of users increased dramatically.How does the app work?
“Clubhouse” is an app for voice chatting only. It is a mixture of podcasts and talk shows, in addition to a touch of traditional TV talk shows. But the interesting thing here is that he was able to transfer the spirit of the discussions that take place around the dining table, or when a group of young men gather in the street to talk about an issue, to the lines of programming that were capable of making this new platform thrilling. After entering the application, a group of chat rooms appears to the user (this form of virtual groups is not new, and the people of the Internet witnessed it in the early days similarly through applications such as “PalTalk” and many others). The user can also create his own room, which is in three forms: public that anyone can access, or limited to the user’s friends in his account, or closed so that they can be accessed through an invitation from the same user only.
After entering one of those rooms, which can have up to 5,000 people, the user will find two boxes in front of him: the first includes the names of the speakers, who are usually few, while the second list includes a group of discussion listeners. The user can press a button in the form of a raised hand, to ask to speak or ask a question. If the user who is moderating the dialogue agrees, the user will be raised from the listener tab to the speaker tab in order to say what he has. He can also exit the session with the click of a button.

The reasons for the rapid ascent
Clubhouse was launched in April of last year by Alpha Exploration and its founders Paul Davison and Rohn Seth. The application has benefited from the reality of the Corona pandemic, the many questions about it, and from a very important political moment, as the internet and social media platforms have increasingly repressed opinions that contradict the standards of their “community”, as was evident in the events that accompanied the year of the presidential elections in the United States, noting that The application is not far from the atmosphere of Silicon Valley, but the virtual arena required the entry of a new player, offering a different experience from “Twitter” and “Facebook”. This is how Clubhouse has transformed from an app that had only a few thousand users, most of them tech workers in Silicon Valley and billionaires, such as Elon Musk and Mark Zuckorberg, to a platform with millions of users. Today they are talking about everything; From the settlement of Mars to the world of sports, politics and art, while its market value is estimated at about one billion dollars.

What also distinguishes Club House is that the conversations that get on the stage are closer to people than television talk shows, which are sometimes driven or directed to convey the point of view of a specific team or party. It reflects the problems and concerns, and even the concerns of people in a society, better than any media. It also reinforces the idea that the individual himself searches for the truth or answers to his personal questions. It can be said here that “Club House” has become a need that is difficult to dispense with, and it is a fatal blow to television talk shows that may have been able to protect themselves after the emergence of the “YouTube”, “Twitter” and “Facebook” platforms previously, but they are now being targeted directly. .

Invitations for 20 thousand dollars … and “Twitter” and “Instagram” are soliciting!
“Club House” is currently available on the “iOS” system only, but the company promised, in a statement, that it is working to release a version that works on the “Android” operating system soon. But the digital world today does not know how to wait, and when a new idea emerges, incomplete or available to all users, it goes without saying that the giants of technology companies come with all their preference and market size to create a better alternative that is available to all people. This is already happening. Last week, Twitter launched a rival voice chatroom platform for the “Club House” application, under the name “Spice”, which works on phones with the “Android” operating system exclusively. “Spices” is similar in functionality to the “Clubhouse” audio app. According to a tweet from Spices, users will soon be able to create their own rooms. The “Instagram” application also announced that it is about to launch a service similar to “Clubhouse”, without specifying when it will be issued or how it will be used.
The task of getting the user invited to join remains problematic. In this regard, the Clubhouse website says: The application will open to a wider audience, or to everyone, at the appropriate time. Since patience may be found by some to be a difficult task, the New York Times reported that some users have come to buy invitations to join the platform from eBay, where the value ranged from $ 30 to $ 20,000!


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