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The Minister of Climate Change and Environment, Dr. Abdullah Belhaif Al-Nuaimi, said that the Ministry is working in cooperation with the competent government agencies in each emirate to inventory the licenses of fishing boats registered at the state level, and classify them in terms of their effectiveness in practicing the fishing craft or not, to ensure the contribution of all registered licenses to the development of The performance of the sector, and enhancing its contribution to achieving food security and sustainability.

He explained that the Ministry is currently working on implementing a new mechanism that allows the door to be opened for issuing fishing boats licenses, in an organized manner according to specific requirements in coordination and cooperation with the concerned authorities in each emirate.

This came during a meeting with the heads of fishermen’s associations in the country at the Ministry’s building in Dubai, to learn about the most important challenges facing the societies ’work and the fishing sector, and the latest developments in the ministry’s directions and strategy for organizing the sector and achieving its sustainability were reviewed.

In response to the question of the heads of fishermen’s associations about the decision to prevent the transfer or sale of boat licenses, Al-Nuaimi indicated that the new mechanism, which is being implemented soon, will provide an opportunity for those wishing to practice the craft of fishing by issuing new licenses to them according to specific conditions.

He added, “Coordination will be made with the competent authorities to monitor the effectiveness of the licensed fishing boats in terms of their periodic fishing movements, to ensure the actual use of the granted license and not to suspend it ineffectively.”

Al-Nuaimi said that preserving the continuity of the fishing craft and attracting new generations of Emirati youth to it, and organizing the fishing sector in general to ensure the highest benefit to fishermen and the sustainability of the country’s fish stocks, are strategic priorities for the ministry’s future directions.

He pointed out that the Ministry, as part of its efforts to regulate the fishing sector and protect the rights of fishermen, has worked in coordination and cooperation with all concerned authorities to develop a new mechanism for the activities of pleasure boats to ensure that they do not compete with the licensed fishing boats in their activities at all, and during the next few years the announcement of the start of this new mechanism will be announced. .

During the meeting, he talked about the feasibility of decisions to regulate the fishing and marketing of some types of fish, explaining that the local fish stock suffers many pressures and challenges, so the Ministry worked to implement the decisions to regulate the fishing of some species in their breeding seasons, in a way that ensures the opportunity for them to multiply and increase their numbers, indicating that These decisions take into account well the prevention of fishing in specific and short periods on an annual basis, in order to ensure the continuity of fishing activity and achieve the economic benefit of fishermen, and contribute to achieving the goals of the state.

He explained that the decisions to regulate fishing have actually achieved their feasibility, as the country recorded a significant improvement in the stocks of al-safi and shary fish.

As part of its efforts to support fishermen who are citizens of the state, Al-Nuaimi explained that the Ministry, in cooperation with the local authorities of each emirate, will assess the state of the fishing ports to indicate the extent of their need for renovations or development, in a way that enhances the capacity and flexibility of the fishing sector.

He assured the heads of fishermen’s associations that the ministry, in its dealings with the fishing sector, takes into account the interest of the UAE and matches its directions to achieve sustainability, enhance food security and sustainability, and preserve the marine environment and fish stocks.

Al-Nuaimi called on the heads of fishermen’s associations to intensify their efforts to raise fishermen’s awareness of the UAE’s targets and directions, and the feasibility of implementing regulatory decisions that ensure the sustainability of this vital sector.

Dr. Abdullah Belhaif Al-Nuaimi:

“We coordinate with the competent authorities to monitor the effectiveness of the licensed boats and their periodic fishing movements.”

– The pleasure craft activities mechanism ensures that it does not compete with licensed fishing boats.

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