Cities – “Abla Fajitas” on “Netflix”


Netflix has launched the official advertisement for the upcoming series, which stars the Egyptian doll Abla Fajita, along with her two children, Caro and Bodie.

The series titled “Drama Queen” will start showing on March 15th, and it is expected that the season will be launched all at once, similar to the other works on the platform.

The events of the new series revolve around the escape of Abla Fahita, an artist whose life ranges between poverty and stardom, from justice after being wrongly accused, which forces her to seek to acquit herself and separate from her two sons as a price for that.

Abla Fajita achieved wide fame in the “duplex” program presented by the Egyptian “CBC” network, before the program was banned from public display in 2018, under pressure from the Supreme Media Council, with the dreadful retreat of freedoms in Egypt during the era of the current President Abd. Al-Fattah Al-Sisi.

Not only was the program stopped, but the censorship attacked the “Abla Fajita” archive on the Internet, with CBC deleting all the program’s videos from its YouTube channel and from all its social media accounts, with the official page of the “Duplex” program closed. In “Facebook”.


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