Cholesterol-lowering drugs reduce death due to corona by 50%


About 40 million people living in the United States take statins to help reduce their cholesterol levels and the risk of developing heart disease.

But drugs belonging to the statin class can also have a strong anti-inflammatory, anti-blood-clotting, and anti-viral effect, all of which may help reduce complications associated with severe corona virus, for this reason researchers are trying to find out if the use of statins affects the results of Corona.

Statin medication
Statin medication

In a new study according to a site report ” medicalnewstoday“, A group of researchers, including cardiologists who care for patients with Corona in a hospital in” New York “, began to compare patient results between people who used Statins Before entering the hospital and those who did not.

According to the researchers, the study is one of the largest studies that confirm this hypothesis, and the data lays the basis for future randomized clinical trials needed to confirm the benefit of statins in fighting complications from the Corona virus.

And they added, if a successful clinical trial confirms the researchers’ results, statins may represent a low-cost, accessible and relatively safe treatment option for corona.


Why statins?

Statins are the most common type of drug that people use to lower cholesterol levels, and according to the American Heart Association, they mostly work by blocking a specific cholesterol-producing enzyme, which leads to less cholesterol production and release.

But statins also appear to have a powerful anti-inflammatory, anticoagulant, and antiviral effect, and they may also help improve wound healing in organs such as the lungs.

Researchers are also exploring whether statins can help treat viral infections that can lead to major complications, such as diffuse inflammation, thrombosis, and associated cellular damage.

Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) is:ARDSOne of the most serious complications associated with Corona and other respiratory infections, however, research evaluating the effect of statin use on acute respiratory distress syndrome has not shown any benefits on a large scale.

Despite this, a 2018 study found that the use of statins used improved outcomes in people with a hyperinflammatory form of acute respiratory distress syndrome.A 2017 study also found that people who take statins upon admission to hospital for acquired pneumonia have also been found. From society they were less likely to die than people who did not take it.

Researchers are now trying to evaluate whether statins can be helpful in controlling complications from Corona.

Also, a 2020 study in Singapore found that people taking statins were less likely to be admitted to an intensive care unit (ICU).ICU) From people who did not take it.

Additional research found that people with Corona who began taking statins after admission to hospital but were not treated in the ICU were 47% less likely to die.

Also, researchers in the United States found recently that using statins before hospitalization may reduce the risk of acute corona infection by 50%.

Scientists think this may be due to reducing inflammation and the risk of clots and cellular damage, as statins also remove cholesterol from the outer membranes of cells.


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