China releases high-resolution images of the red planet – misc


On Thursday, the China National Space Agency released three high-resolution images of Mars taken by the Chinese probe “Tianon-1”.

The authority said, in a statement, that the images include two pancromatic images and one color image, and that the two pancromatic images were taken by a high-resolution “Tianon-1” camera at a distance of 330 to 350 km above the surface of Mars, with a resolution of about 70 cm..

The authority stated that the three images clearly show the Martian terrain, such as small craters, mountain hills and sand dunes, while it is estimated that the diameter of the largest collision crater in the images is about 620 meters, according to Russia Today.

The authority explained that the color image is of the Arctic region of the red planet, which was taken by the medium-resolution camera, and it is a type of camera capable of both automatic exposure and exposure to light by remote control, which enables it to map remote sensing images of the entire planet Mars and survey the topography of the planet.

It is worth noting that the information that scientists will obtain from the probe will help to conduct a detailed study of the planet’s atmosphere, its topography, its geological characteristics, and its magnetic field, and shed light on the origin and development of the planet, and it will also give an answer to the main question: Can the planet become a suitable future for human residence..



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