China releases high-resolution images of Mars from the “Tianon-1” probe


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The China National Space Agency has released three high-resolution images of Mars taken by the Chinese probe Tianon-1.According to Xinhua, these photos include two pancreatic photos and one color photo, according to the authority.

The two pancromatic scales were captured by the high-resolution Tianon-1 camera from 330 to 350 km above the surface of Mars, with a resolution of about 0.7 meters.

The three images clearly show the Martian terrain, such as small craters, mountain hills and sand dunes. The largest impact crater in the photos is estimated to be around 620 meters in diameter.

The agency stated that the color image is of the Arctic region of the red planet, which was taken by a medium-resolution camera.

The high-resolution camera, medium-resolution camera, spectrometer and other scientific instruments on board the orbiter were run respectively to collect the data.

The medium-resolution camera is capable of both auto-exposure and remote-controlled exposure, enabling it to map remote-sensing images of the entire planet Mars and survey the planet’s terrain.

China launched Tianan-1 on July 23, 2020. The spacecraft, which consists of an orbiter, a lander and a rover, entered a stationary orbit around Mars after conducting an orbital maneuver on February 24th.

The Tianan-1 probe has been conducting scientific surveys since February 26th.


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