China is providing 50 thousand doses of “Sinopharma” vaccine as a gift to Lebanon


At the request of the Lebanese government, and according to ongoing discussions between the two countries, the Chinese ambassador to Lebanon announces that his country has provided 50,000 doses of the Chinese “Sinopharm” vaccine as a gift to Lebanon to help it combat the Coronavirus.

  • China will provide 50 thousand doses of
    China will provide 50 thousand doses of “Sinopharma” free of charge to Lebanon to help it fight Corona

The Chinese ambassador to Lebanon, Wang Qiyan, announced that his country will provide 50,000 doses of vaccine.Sinopharm“The Chinese anti-Coronavirus is a gift to Lebanon.

Kejian said in a tweet to him on “Twitter”: “At the request of the Lebanese side, the Chinese government decided to donate 50 thousand doses of the Sinopharm vaccine to Lebanon to help it fight the Corona epidemic.”

He added: “In May 2020, Chinese President Xi Jinping announced at the World Health Organization that when China succeeds in developing the vaccine and entering the vaccination phase in China, the Chinese vaccine will serve the global public benefit, which constitutes a Chinese contribution to access to vaccines and capacity To bear its costs in developing countries. ”

It is reported that the UAE became the first government to agree to develop a Chinese vaccine for the Coronavirus, citing preliminary data that showed its effectiveness at 86%.

The newspaper said “The New York TimesThe American officials based the decision on an early analysis of clinical trials in the late stages by Sinopharm, the Chinese state-owned manufacturer, which also showed that the vaccine has no serious side effects.


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