China aspires to achieve an economic growth rate of more than 6%


It has been revealed The Chinese Prime Minister Li Kichiang, today, Friday, that his country aspires this year to achieve a growth rate of more than 6 percent, despite the doubts that still surround the global economy due to the outbreak of the Corona epidemic and the suffering of many countries and global economies due to the pandemic.

Speaking at the opening of the annual session of Parliament, Qiqiang said that during this year, “it will continue.” China Facing many risks and challenges in the field of development, “according to what AFP reported.

“The economic fundamentals that will support long-term growth have not changed,” the Chinese prime minister added.

It is indicated that International Monetary Fund He had previously expected that this year Beijing would achieve growth of 8.1%.

It was China, which was the first country in the world to have a virus Covid-19 And the first whose economy has been hit by the epidemic, the year has refrained from specifying Annual growth rate What you aspire to, in a decision “extremely rare” in the modern history of this country, according to France Press.

However, unlike most of the world, which sank into a near economic recession, China ended last year with a positive growth rate of + 2.3%, which is much lower than the growth rates it has been accustomed to since 1976.

According to Qiqiang, the government is also seeking to reduce the level of unemployment this year to 5.5%, after it reached 5.6% last year.


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