Causes of short stature and treatment methods with 4 natural herbs


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The cause of short stature may be genetic or pathological, and short stature is specific for people who are shorter than average height when compared to people of the same age group. Saudi Arabia once Learn more about causes and treatments for short stature.

Causes of short stature in adults

Numerous studies have shown that as a person ages, their height decreases, especially from the age of 40 to 70 years, when a person’s height decreases by about 2.5 cm. This is due to several causes:

  • Infection is caused by a number of health problems that afflict the elderly.
  • Preventing the commitment to exercise.
  • Women of this age are affected by being shorter than men because as they get older, the levels of the estrogen hormones in their bodies decline.
  • Short stature in the elderly is also due to a decrease in the amount of cartilage fluid between the vertebrae of the spine, which leads to a contraction of the spine, which leads to short stature.

Causes of short stature in girls

There are several causes that can lead to a girl’s short stature, but this may not be for genetic reasons, and among these reasons:

  • MalnutritionHearing a healthy diet, lack of interest in eating vegetables and fruits, and continuing to drink water may be among the causes of short stature in girls.
  • Hormonal imbalance of the girlWhen the proportion of hormones such as growth hormone and thyroid hormone is decreased or increased, the average growth decreases and the person becomes brief.
  • Take some medicationThese drugs slow growth, such as corticosteroids, which are medicines used to treat asthma.
  • Girls infected with some diseases: Like kidney disease, it can be caused by it Causes of short stature..
  • Infection with some genetic diseasesLike Down syndrome and Turner syndrome, it can lead to short stature.
  • The geneThey are not the only factors, due to the fact that the genes of the father and mother are factors that determine height.

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Causes of short stature in children

Children often have short stature due to genetic causes, as parents and / or mothers suffer from short stature, and there are a number of diseases that lead to this, and for you. Causes of short stature For children:

  • Hereditary short stature. In this case, the child is in good condition, and the blood test is normal and healthy, and he does not suffer from any chronic disease.
  • When suffering from several diseases, such as wheat allergy, the disease leads to food absorption and malnutrition, which leads to short stature.
  • Children have some hormonal disorders as a result of hypothyroidism or the pituitary gland, or children with Cushing’s disease.
  • An infection that affects children with condylar process disease, which is a disease that disrupts the growth of long bones and affects cartilage, resulting in short stature.
  • Inflammation of several diseases such as anemia, asthma, liver, impaired kidney function and heart disorders.
  • Infections caused by several syndromes such as Turner Syndrome, Greece, Russell Silver, Down Syndrome.

Causes of short stature in women

Whether it is hereditary or pathological reasons, there are several causes that lead to short stature in children, which can be treated by treating diseases that lead to short stature.

However, it has been discovered that a number of older women develop short stature, which reduces their height by 0.5 inch. This is due to a number of reasons that may be unique to a woman, including:

  • Lack of female hormones, such as estrogen.
  • Wrong habits that women follow, such as preventing interest in a healthy diet or preventing regular exercise.
  • This could be due to the woman having several diseases, including adenomyosis.

Treatment of short stature in girls

  • And because the treatment before this period is medical treatment, the short stature of the girl is usually treated before the girl’s arrival, but the treatment of short stature after the girl reaches puberty is surgical. This depends on the treatment.
  • If short stature is due to a genetic cause, there is no treatment in this case due to the fact that a number of parents use growth hormone to treat short stature in their children.
  • If the short stature is due to a pathological cause, the treatment is by taking thyroid hormone replacement.
  • If the girl suffers from hypothyroidism and short stature due to lack of growth hormone, treatment with growth hormone replacement is given

Treatment of short stature in adult girls

Due to the fact that the average height growth during this period is very small, the treatment of short stature in childhood is much better and the results are guaranteed compared to treatment after puberty, but to be able to treat short stature. Here are a number of tips for adult girls:

  • Hormone therapy by stimulating and activating several hormones and their action. This, in turn, helps the body to grow.
  • Taking medications and medications can help your body grow and grow taller.
  • Calcium and potassium are the main components of bones, so eating these elements increases bone growth and length.
  • Note vitamin D that is very important for calcium absorption.
  • Do sports such as yoga, skipping, and swimming.
  • Make sure to eat a healthy diet and drink water throughout the day.
  • You have to take good care of your sleep physically and not stay up late.

Treatment of short stature after the age of 25

Men continue to grow until the age of 24, and after this they are difficult to grow, and women stop growing at the age of 18, but after the age of 25, so if you want to grow to some extent, you need to follow the procedures below.

  • Follow the diet Since you need to eat foods that contain vitamins and minerals like phosphorous and calcium, as well as proteins and amino acids, proper nutritional attention is one of the factors that can help you grow taller.
  • Exposure to sunlightSunlight provides the body with vitamin D, which is one of the vitamins that helps the body grow taller.
  • March exercises Exercise is one of the reasons that help you grow taller, especially the one that depends on the individual in your body.
  • Get enough sleepGrowth hormone works and is active during sleep in the evening. Your body position during sleep is very important because you need to keep your body upright.

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Treatment of short stature in children with herbs

Children become shorter for genetic or health reasons, and short stature in children can be treated with several herbs, including:

  • FenugreekA site that can be taken to children of short stature, regardless of the injury.
  • AshwagandhaThis herb is used when a child’s short stature is due to a lack of growth hormone.
  • L-arginineIt is also one of the herbs that should be taken in case of growth hormone deficiency in children.

Medicines to treat short stature

There are many medications that can be used to treat short stature. These drugs work to raise levels of growth hormone in the body, which helps to increase the growth and length of the body, but these drugs should be taken after first consulting with a specialist, and these drugs are the following and this is correct.

  • Genotropin
  • سايزن
  • Nordtropin
  • Neotropin
  • Human Trope

Vitamins that make you taller for children

There are several vitamins used as a treatment for short stature for children, as children helped to grow in a normal manner, and these vitamins include:

vitamin a

  • Vitamin A is known as retinol, which helps stimulate calcium production that affects bone growth. This vitamin is found in many foods, such as milk, prunes, and broccoli.

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Vitamin group B

  • The vitamins of group B, especially vitamin B12, cooperate on the growth of the child’s height without stealing the influence on the bones and tissues, and on this, strengthening the child’s growth in a normal manner.

vitamin C

  • You can get vitamin C from foods like oranges, avocados, and bananas. This vitamin works with the growth and strengthening of bones, and also aids in collagen production.

vitamin of the.

If the child suffers from a number of hereditary diseases that interfere with the child’s normal development, then foods rich in Vitamin D should be offered to this child.

This vitamin helps your child grow normally and protects him from many diseases, including rickets.

vitamin K

  • There are many studies and studies that revealed the effectiveness of vitamin K in treating short stature in children and the importance of this vitamin in protecting children from osteoporosis.

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vitamin F

  • Vitamin F is one of the vitamins that help the child to grow, and it also contains a certain percentage of unsaturated fats that affect bone structure, cell production and growth.
  • It protects the body from fatigue, and fish such as mackerel and salmon and seafood such as canola contain this vitamin.

We’ve even mentioned you now Causes of short stature I have covered children and adults treatments, but I would like to be careful not to take them without consulting a specialist.

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Causes of short stature and methods of treatment with natural herbs


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