Causes of infection with corona even after receiving the vaccine


Many wonder about the reason for the resurgence of infection with the new Corona virus even after receiving vaccination.

Bloomberg Opinion Editor Mary Doynwald explained that she contracted the Covid-19 virus even after receiving two doses of the pfizer-biontech vaccine.

In this report, published by the US Bloomberg site, Doynwald discusses her experience with Sam Fazley, a pharmaceutical industry analyst in the Bloomberg Intelligence division.

Mary Doynwald said she recently received a vaccine against the Covid virus, as she received her second Pfizer dose a few weeks ago. She had been hoping the vaccine would protect her from contracting the virus, yet this week, she tested positive.

Vasley’s explanation for what happened to her was that protection that completely prevented you from contracting the virus was rare. In fact, it has been shown that only one vaccine provides this, and that is the smallpox vaccine. Going back to trials of the third phase of the Pfizer-Bionic vaccine, moderna – the best in terms of effectiveness so far – was 95% effective, which means that some vaccinated people may be infected even if at a very low rate.

Also, be aware that outside the clinical trial environment the efficacy will be slightly lower, where real-world data shows an efficacy of 90%. It is also possible that you have been infected with a new strain of the virus.

When Duenwald asked whether her mild cold-like symptoms meant the vaccine was still protecting her, Fasley assured her that she would never know how bad her symptoms were if she had not been vaccinated, but that it could have been much worse.

Vaccines have high efficacy against severe and dangerous disease. Their main purpose is to keep people out of hospital and reduce the risk of death. Even those that appear to be less effective against mild to moderate diseases, such as the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, show better efficacy against severe and critical symptoms.

Therefore, the causes of corona infection even after receiving the vaccine can be summarized as follows:

It may be from the percentage that the vaccine does not provide protection, for example, for the Pfizer-Bionic vaccine, the protection ratio is 95%, meaning that the probability of the vaccine not forming protection is 5%.

It may be infection with a new mutated strain of the Coronavirus, to which the vaccine did not succeed in forming immunity.

However, there is a very important benefit to vaccines, which is that even if you are infected, the infection is lighter and the symptoms are weaker, and therefore the possibility of developing serious complications and hospitalization is less, so the vaccination must be taken.


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