Bushra Okby’s friend reveals the secrets of the video and the man who appeared with her


A Tunisian woman revealed the secrets of the scandalous video that spread the artist and model The algerian Bushra Okabi, who caused a sensation over the past few days.

Her husband is customary!

The Tunisian woman, called “Amina,” said that she is a friend of Bushra Okbi and the man who appeared with her in an intimate position in the video, and that he is her husband in a customary way.

Amina added, according to newspaper reports,SunriseAl-Jazaery: “I witnessed their customary marriage in Tunisia, and I received them in a hotel.”

Amina confirmed that Bushra Uqbi had previously complained to her about her husband’s aggressive behavior, and that he used to hit her harshly and leave her face so full of bruises that she had to put a lot of cosmetics to hide the effects of beating.

He loves it and hits her because of the magic!

Noting that Bushra Okabi was doing this in order not to distort his image in front of her two daughters, because they loved him.

Amina published pictures of the husband’s violence against Bushra Okabi, and his messages in which he says that he loves her madly, but is afflicted with witchcraft, in an attempt to justify the violence.

The same newspaper reported that the man denied marrying Bushra customary, and asked how he resides in Paris while they are in Algeria, and they marry in Tunisia.

Bushra Okabi got married for the sake of her daughters

In a related context, she denounced Naima SalehiPresident of the Justice and El-Bayan Party What happened to the artist Bushra Okbi, and she said that it is a terrible matter and a heinous crime against Muslim and non-Muslim women, confirming that many women have been subjected to such matters and the silence of society has made matters more.

Salehi pointed out Gaps Included in the family law makes women a choice between giving up custody or remaining alone for the rest of their lives.

Salehi hinted that Bouchra Oqbi got married in order to be able to keep custody of her two daughters, because the law did not protect Algerian women and put them in a position of bargaining, as she put it.

Salehi called for the law to be amended, adding: “It is against the right to deprive a woman of her children in the event of her marriage, because this makes her resort to customary marriage as a solution, and this is what happened with Bushra Aqabi.”

We are all good news

The name Okabi was published on social media, after a video clip of her was leaked, and she was in intimate situations. With someone in her house.

The video leaked deliberately to conceal the features of the man who appears with Bushra Okbi, which sparked widespread controversy and anger in Algeria.

As soon as the video spread, many Algerian celebrities expressed their solidarity with Bushra, agreeing that what happened to her. A deliberate smear campaign, and it interferes with her private life.

The activists launched the hashtag # We are all Bushra_Oqbi, in which they expressed their solidarity with the artist and their condemnation of what she was exposed to.

Is he Palestinian divorced?

Theatrical director Mohamed Cherchell also revealed that the one who published the video is free, and wrote in a post via “Facebook”. “The moment I called the friend and sister Bushra Okabi, thank God I found her in good health, her spirits high, and the first thing she said to me. “Cherchell, never fear me up (Do not be afraid of me).” She entrusts her affairs to God from her ex-husband, who published the video and hid his face. Intending to take revenge on her because he lost his case in justice with her.

He added: “She assured me herself that what appears with her in the video is her ex-wife before the separation. I told her that people support her. And that what was published turned against its owner, and that her fans were intelligent, do not get fooled by this sordid conspiracy, and she told me that she knows all of this. She is grateful to everyone who has supported her. Finally, I advised her to take care of her daughters so that they can overcome this ordeal peacefully.

The Algerian newspaper “Al-Shorouk” also reported that it was widely circulated Remarks Attributed to the father of Uqbi says about it. His daughter’s divorce is a Palestinian who lives in France, and he published the personal video after he lost the custody of their two daughters.

Bushra’s friend posted a video explaining that the man who was with her was her fiancé and went to the houses from their doors and that. Its leak is nothing but An attempt to deprive her of custody of her two daughters.

The Algerian League is intervening

Later, the Algerian League for the Defense of Human Rights announced, in its office, the wilaya of Algiers, taking charge of the Okbi case.

The League mandated the Algiers wilaya office, headed by Imad Zitouni, in his capacity as head of the cultural committee, to follow up and sponsor. On the issue of actress Bushra Okabi.

It is worth noting that Bushra Okabi is 36 years old, and she began her artistic career in 2002 and presented 5 series, most notably “Gami Family”.

I also participated in my butt championship Two films, and won the Golden Fennec Award for Best Female Role, before being out of the limelight since 2011.

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