Biontech aims to increase its production of the Covid vaccine …


The German company Biontech announced that it is heading to manufacture 2.5 billion doses of its vaccine against Covid-19 this year with its American partner, Pfizer, an increase of 25 percent from what was previously expected.

The company said in a statement that increasing production would allow it to “meet the high demand” while countries of the world rush to contain variants of the most contagious Corona virus.

Biontech announced in its statement that “the increase is driven by improved production processes, and the recent start of production at the Marburg facility of Biontech in Germany, which is now one of the largest factories for this vaccine in the world.” The first batch of doses produced in Marburg will be delivered in the first half of April, according to the statement. Biontech expects to produce 250 million doses in the first half of 2021.

The vaccine is produced at a Pfizer facility in Belgium and three other facilities in the United States.

Biontech said that improving efficacy and concluding new cooperation agreements with external partners contributed to raising the target number of vaccine doses, as well as the approval of the regulatory authority to produce packages of six doses instead of five.


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