Biden between his electoral promises and the interests of his army in Saudi Arabia


The world – the Americas

The officials revealed that the option of punishing the Saudi crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, “was not really an option on the table.”

A US State Department official said that President Biden’s administration had not even submitted a request to the State Department to work on options about how to target the Saudi crown prince, while another State Department official said that punishing bin Salman was never a “viable option,” given that he “might reverse a number of initiatives.” Important in the region. ”

Two US administration officials also said that punishing the Saudi crown prince would be “very complicated” and could threaten the interests of the US military in Saudi Arabia. As a result, the administration did not even ask the State Department to develop options for how to target bin Salman.

It is noteworthy that the US administration received harsh criticism about what a number of critics considered to be a weak response to the findings of the CIA report, especially after the strong statements of the American administration about re-evaluating relations with Saudi Arabia, in addition to Biden’s statements during his election campaign and his pledges that Saudi Arabia will pay the price of its role by killing Khashoggi.


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