“Bayanati” and “Fahr” protect government work from the repercussions of “Covid 19” – UAE – News and Reports


The Federal Authority for Human Resources confirmed that the human resource information management system “Bayanati” and the agency’s smart application “Fahr” constituted a strategic factor for ministries, federal agencies and their employees in light of the outbreak of the “Covid 19” pandemic as a model for working in emergency situations, and contributed to immunizing government work from the repercussions of the pandemic.

In a recent report on its achievements in 2020, the authority stated that both “Bayanati” and “Fahr” enabled employees to complete all their human resources procedures on their own and through their mobile devices around the clock, noting that 800,000 transactions were completed through the “Bayanati” website. During the past year, while the number of transactions completed across the index exceeded 120,000.

The authority indicated that all the 64 ministries and federal entities and authorities are now under the umbrella of the “Bayanati” system, while the agency’s smart application “Fehr” has been downloaded more than 70,000 times by federal government employees last year.

The Authority’s Achievements Report for the year 2020 shed light on the initiatives and measures it has taken, which have effectively contributed to overcoming the exceptional phase imposed by the spread of the new Corona virus and undermining its repercussions at the level of the federal government.



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