Barcelona decides its final position to join Mohamed Salah


Tuesday, 02-03-2021
10:54 AM

Marc Mayolas, the media in the Spanish TV channel, Tv3, revealed Barcelona’s position regarding the signing of the Egyptian star Mohamed Salah, the player of the English Liverpool team, during the upcoming summer transfer period.
Marc Maiolas said: “Barcelona will not include Mohamed Salah because of the financial crisis that he suffers from, this is a sure information,” according to the country’s echo.
Mohamed Salah recently opened the door to the possibility of his transfer to Barcelona or Real Madrid, during a press interview with the Spanish newspaper AS.
The marketing value of Mohamed Salah is 120 million euros, according to the global website Transfer Market.
Mohamed Salah tops the Premier League scorer table with 17 goals, two ahead of Manchester United’s second-placed Bruno Fernandez.


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