Australian airline launches “unknown flights”


Australian airline launches “unknown flights”

Wednesday – 20 Rajab 1442 AH – 03 March 2021 AD

A Qantas Airways plane in Sydney (Reuters)

Sydney: “Middle East Online”

With the continued inability of Australians to travel abroad due to the restrictions of the emerging “Corona” virus, Australian Airlines “Qantas” launches a series of “mysterious flights of unknown destination” to encourage domestic travel.
According to the US network, CNN, these one-day trips will be unknown to travelers, and tickets will be put up for sale on March 4, with planes to depart from Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne on March 27 and April 18. April and May 1, respectively.
Each flight will be limited to 120 passengers, and travelers will have breakfast in Qantas lounges at the airports of the mentioned cities at 7 am before travel, provided that the return is early in the evening of the same day.
Passengers will not know where to turn until the plane reaches the mysterious location, although the flight path will appear on screens in the seatbacks, giving passengers a chance to guess their destination.
The airline offered some hints of the destinations of its aircraft on its website. “Qantas” indicated that the flights from Brisbane will provide “the ideal haven” for those who love rural hospitality, good food, wine and enjoy visiting wonderful places in the open air, while Sydney trips will go to tropical areas, making it an ideal trip for those who want to enjoy “eating Lunch on the Beach », while the company stated that the Melbourne cruises are suitable for lovers of the outdoors and regional farmer’s markets.
Customers will be provided with further hints to their destinations upon booking, to make sure they bring in the appropriate luggage for the flight.
“In addition to helping to get more of our employees back to work, these mysterious trips are another way to support the tourism sector in the regional regions in particular, which has been hit hard by the pandemic,” said Stephanie Tully, Senior Customer Service Officer at Qantas Group. Corona) and the restrictions imposed because of it.
Qantas confirmed that it plans to resume international flights by the end of October 2021.




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