Asking Kazem El Saher to repay the amount he borrowed


The Kurdish “NRT” channel aroused the discontent of the artist Kazem Al-Saher’s audience after presenting a report in which it stated that “an Iraqi family is asking Al-Saher to return an amount of money previously borrowed. “. The report also stated that “Al-Sahir was not loyal to them, did not ask about the people of the village, did not visit them or offer anything to them, and they were the ones who were loyal to him.”

One of the people mentioned that Al-Saher borrowed “a sum of money from his mother, and he promised her that he would return it to her when he returned, but he did not return and his mother died, and the amount remained in the custody of the Sahir, and the woman’s son demanded that the amount be returned.” Al-Saher’s fans demanded that the channel and the family be sued for insulting Al-Saher, and they questioned the purpose of presenting the report.


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