Ashraf Amer: Sadaqi signed to Hilal is a “shocking act” … and we will not pay the dues for Corona swabs


Major General Ashraf Amer, president of the Military Production Club, described the departure of Hamada Sedky about his team as a shocking behavior. I felt that it was a very shocking behavior, as we were discussing how to prepare for the period of stoppage of the league after our match with Al-Ittihad of Alexandria, and the team was meeting the victory in a friendly Sunday, and the coach was naturally present. ”

Ashraf Amer added: “My sincerity signed for the Sudanese Hilal without any introductions and without any appreciation for the position of the team and the timing of his departure from the club, the decision was a surprise to us, but in the end we respected the decision and immediately we spoke with Ahmed Koshary and welcomed the team’s training and touched his insistence on modifying the production situation in the league.”

The head of Military Production continued: “I left Lakshari the freedom to form his auxiliary apparatus. We called for patience on all coaches and gave them all confidence, as we did with Mukhtar Mukhtar and Hamada Sidqi after him.”

Regarding Corona swabs, Ashraf Amer said: “I received a notification from the Football Association that it was necessary to pay 3 million pounds for the price of Corona swabs, and I said, I don’t have money and don’t have resources, and I’m not going to bear and I did not receive the second notification of making the swabs on our account.”

And the head of War Production continued: “It is not in such a way that things are managed. We started the competition with certain controls, even in a new one, from the beginning of the new season and not at the current time.”

Major General Ashraf Amer, head of Military Production, announced the appointment Ahmed KosharyThe former Al-Ahly star is the technical director of the team, succeeding Hamada Sidqi, provided that his auxiliary apparatus will be announced at noon Monday.

Hamada Sidqi apologized for continuing to train the military production, after receiving an offer from the Sudanese Al Hilal, and Sidqi took over the production training on January 19 for a season and a half season, succeeding Mukhtar of the former Al-Ahly star mukhtar, who resigned from his post.

And it was Ahmed Koshary He approached the training of the Egypt-clearing team, during his assumption of the leadership of Aswan, but the negotiations stalled, and at that time, Aswan officials got angry, which made them search for another coach, and they contracted with Sami the Shishini at the beginning of the season, while Koshary’s negotiations with the clearing failed and he did not train any team.


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