Aseel Omran shows her femininity on Instagram with an open cloak


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The artist participated Aseel Omran Follow her with new photos through her official account on the social networking site for photos and videos.InstagramAs she appeared in a charming and soft look, which prompted her followers to express their deep love for her. And a bag in the same color, which highlighted the delicacy and beauty of her appearance. The color put cashmere as lipstick, which gave her a soft and simple look.

Aseel Omran did not wear the accessories; Where it was satisfied with appearing simple and soft. Aseel Omran was born on November 12, 1989, in the capital, Riyadh, although her origins go back to the Eastern Province, due to her father’s work, where he worked as a military, and she is a Saudi singer and actress residing in the UAE, and the younger sister of the media, Jane Omran. She participated in the Gulf Stars program in 2005, which was shown on the Nujoom channel, but did not reach the finals. Where she released several albums and singles. Aseel Omran also entered the field of acting in a 2011 youth series, named 04 Show on MBC 4, after which she continued as an actress as well.

Aseel Omran got married on August 8, 2008 from Bahraini broadcaster Khaled Al-Shaer, who participated with her in the reality show “She and He” on MBC 1, and the idea of ​​the program talks about the life of a married couple on a daily basis, and the program was shown from September 25, 2010 to January 1, 2011. And he achieved a high viewership in the Arab world, but they separated in 2012 after several disagreements between them, but after a period of their divorce in 2014, nearly three years, Aseel returned to her divorced Khaled Al-Shaer and returned and separated from him in 2015, and she had a single son from him named “Walid” passed away while he was still a child.

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