As an actor and captain .. How were the positions of the Egyptian star Youssef Shaaban?


In words full of influence, film critic Tariq Al-Shennawi said, in exclusive statements to “Sky News Arabia”: “We lost the art icon Youssef Shaaban, who is 60 years old and achieved great success, with a wide footprint and creativity in theater, television, and radio, despite From its existence in the era of art giants, such as Omar el-shiref And Kamal Al-Shennawi, Ahmed Mazhar, and Farid Shawky, the competition was the most difficult. “

Al-Shenawi considers:Youssef Shaaban Among the stars who have had more artistic space from senior directors, such as Kamal Al Sheikh in Miramar, and the bullet is still in my pocket, Hassan Al Imam in Souk Al Madaq, and Atef Al Tayeb, in addition to the owner of hundreds of films and series.

He explained: “The artist Shadia was one of the artists who believed in his talent most, and supported him greatly when a dispute occurred between him and the great artist. Abdel Halim Hafez Before starting filming the movie, the idol of the masses, and stuck to his presence with her in the film, “in addition to that they were very important in union work, and it was an honorable technical interface.”

Wow me as an actorAnd do justice to me as captain

As for the Lebanese actress, Madeleine Tabar, she told Sky News Arabia in influential words: “The late Youssef Shaaban impressed me as an actor, and did justice to me as a captain.”

Tabar recalls some of her most beautiful situations with the late artist, and says: “In my first work in Cairo It was a special production about a story by the great writer Taha Hussein called “Beyond the River”, and I used to embody the role of the gypsies, and the head of the tribe was the artist Youssef Shaaban, and I saw how humble, loving and cooperating with those around him was, and he used to deal with me as an Egyptian star for decades, When I became the captain, he granted me the working membership and made me Egyptian, so working with him was enjoyable and happy. “

And the artists ’pages turned through social media, into a book of condolences for the late Youssef Shaaban, where the artist Nabil al-Halafawi said:“ A journey that extended from Shubra to all parts of the Arab world, during which he continued to enjoy his work. Youssef Shaaban left, and with us Salama Farawila, Hafiz Radwan, Wahbi Al-Sawalami and Mohsen will remain with us. Mumtaz and others, alive from generation to generation. “

The artist Mahmoud Al-Bazawi mourned him, saying: “Professor Youssef Shaaban passed away and Mohsen Mumtaz lived … the artist passed away and lived as a symbol of Egyptian patriotism.”


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