Artworks: Heritage .. An inexhaustible inspiration for art


Sharjah: «Gulf»

Gulf plastic artists emphasized the need for an identity for the artist’s creativity, and the artist can resort to the past, where the inspiration is inexhaustible, to reshape it in a contemporary and unprecedented way in his paintings and include them in the messages that the artist wants to convey to the various segments of society.

This came during a dialogue session organized by the Sharjah Book Authority in the Eastern Province remotely via the “Sharjah Reads” platform, to celebrate International Women’s Day, with the participation of all of the artists: Saudi Lulwa Al-Hamoud, Kuwaiti Mai Al-Saad, and Emirati Azza Al-Qubaisi.

At the beginning of the session moderated by Aisha Al Zaabi, the plastic artist reviewed the start of their artistic career, their experiences in the world of art, drawing and design, and their contribution to the Arab plastic movement.

Lulwa Al-Hammoud said: “My study and research stimulated me to be inspired by Islamic arts, but in a new way with the addition of touches that keep pace with the contemporary plastic movement, based on the importance of each artist having his own imprint, and currently there are distinguished artists in the Gulf region who left their mark and specialize in a specific type of art. The plastic artist, and the fact that my goal was not research in the past, but to link it to the present and the future ».

Speaking about the formative approach in her paintings, Mai Al-Saad said: “The color for me is the sound that comes out of the painting, and the formation is the movement, so I can move the characters on a silent space, and the observer hears the voices and feels the movement through the colors and lines, and at another stage of my experience I canceled The color does not constitute a challenge to the line and shape in the painting that expresses my identity, as the identity is not a heritage, but rather the being of the soul within the character, man or woman, and expresses his affiliation, beliefs and thought.

For her part, Azza Al Qubaisi, who specializes in designing and drafting jewelry and sculpture, said that she had difficulty communicating her message at the beginning of her artistic experience, because the materials that she used in the artistic formation, namely jewelry, were related to design more than art. On gold and silver, in addition to various other minerals, but the recipient was asking a lot of questions about this art, and by seeking to reach the largest segment of local and international followers, I was able to spread my thoughts related to the environment, heritage and originality of the UAE through jewelry and various artworks.


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