Art News Dima Kandalaft comments on Salaf Fawakherji’s refusal to participate in “prestige”


Today’s news, art news, Dima Kandalaft comments on Salaf Fawakherji’s refusal to participate in “prestige”. Source of the news – Al-Arab Al-Youm with details of the news, Dima Kandalaft comments on Slaf Fawakherji’s refusal to participate in “prestige”:

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The Syrian actress, Dima Kandalaft, commented on the statement made by her colleague, Soulaf Fawakherji, about her refusal to participate in the series “prestige” if she was offered a role. In her meeting with “MBC Trending”, Kandalaft said that every person has a special taste and freedom in his choices, Adding by saying: “It is possible that it is not its place, I mean, I see the program (You who are) in my place, everybody is free, where he sees his condition, he can play, and the place next to Belby is next to him, and I see it as personal freedom.” And about whether there is a disagreement between them, Qandalaft denied This is indicating that Sulaf Fawakherji is a Syrian and Arab star, and she is very proud of her and has a good relationship of friendship and fellowship with her. Slaf Fawakherji had previously spoken in one of the radio interviews that the director Samer Barqawi had previously offered her to participate in the series “Windows” and she refused, stressing that if she was offered to participate in the “prestige” series, she would also be rejected, pointing out the reason that the work is not suitable for her. Not her atmosphere, she said, adding that the work was a great success, but it did not match her personality.

Dima Kandalaft achieved remarkable success in her latest series “The prestige”, in which she starred in front of the Syrian actor “Tim Hassan” and the Lebanese actor “Adel Karam” in addition to the able actress “Mona Wasef”. The story of the work revolves around the return of Jabal to his life after the attempt to assassinate him, He lost his wife and son, trying to uncover the perpetrators, and events escalate when he discovers shocking secrets, including the attempt of the character performed by Dima “Rania Omran” to take revenge on the Jabal family after they killed her father during one of the previous parts. “And according to what media sources revealed,” the fifth part of the prestige It will be an extension of the fourth in terms of revenge, and the information indicates that “Significant new characters will appear in the fifth part. It is worth mentioning that“ prestige-response ”is produced by Al-Sabah Brothers, and it stars Mona Wasef, Tim Hassan, Dima Qandalaft, Adel Karam, Abdo Shaheen, Rosina Lazkani, Owais Makhlati, Nazem Issa, Saeed Sarhan and many others.

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