Apple: The App Store supports 1.7 million jobs in Europe


In light of the increasing focus by regulators in Europe on the application store of the American giant “Apple” for the production of electronics and software “App Store”, the company pointed to the increasing importance of the platform for jobs in Germany and Europe.

The company announced today that the “App Store” currently supports 250,000 jobs in Germany alone, an increase of 8% compared to the previous year. Pointing out that the total number of jobs supported by the application in Europe is currently 1.7 million jobs.

It should be noted that “Apple” is the focus of attention of the European Commission and the Competition Authority in Britain, after complaints from competitors, mainly related to the Apple App Store, as the only way to download applications on the iPhone and iPad devices.

There are also complaints about restricting the sale of digital goods and services in applications to Apple’s in-app purchases system, where the company gets between 15 and 30% of the purchase price. Apple maintains that these regulations contribute to protecting users.

She stated that more than 60,000 apps in her app store came from Germany. Adding that these developers get three-quarters of their revenue from abroad.

She noted that since the launch of the App Store, developers in Germany have made a total of 2 billion euros in revenue. And that their revenues rose last year by 21%.


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