Apple overcomes the battery life hurdle in iPhone 13


The leaks indicate that the next version of the Apple phone will not contain a charging port, but analysts expect the company to back down from this procedure and all the next four models will be equipped with this tool.
Previous information stated that the thirteenth model of Apple phones will combine the technologies of unlocking the screen, “Face ID” for facial recognition, and the fingerprint reader integrated into the touch screen.
Some technical sites also indicated that the American giant is preparing the next generation of its phones so that its screen works permanently with a technology that allows you to display anything on the screen in black without any use of energy.
In this regard, Apple used a screen of the type “LTPO” which means “low temperature polycrystalline oxide screens”, which provides batteries for “iPhone” at a frequency of 120 Hz.
And iPhone screens work during the lock to provide a number of information without any input in addition to a number of important notifications, as some Android phones work.


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