Apple launches free virtual sessions to learn basic iPhone and Mac usage


Apple launched a new series of “virtual sessions” for people who need additional help with their new iPhone, iPad, or Mac devices to teach the basics, and the free sessions are designed to replicate some of the in-person sessions that the tech giant used to work in a trade, but could no longer do so because Coronavirus lockdown.

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail” website, when describing what will be included, the company said: “Through Apple Creatives, you will discover devices, settings and ways to maintain productivity.”

An Apple spokesperson said the sessions are “great for those who are new to their devices or who have recently updated and want to know more.”

Apple revealed that it will cover the latest features and share some of the “favorite tips” as part of the regular sessions, which cover the main devices manufactured by the company.

It will include the three different types of sessions on iPhone, iPad and Mac, and will be available from now until September.

They will be powered by Webex’s streaming platform, allowing users to join sessions from the comfort of their own homes, available for registration from today.

Live events will also allow guests to ask questions to be answered by the Apple team.

An Apple spokesperson said, “It is a continuation of Today at Apple’s work producing free, educational and original programming that inspires practical creativity in photography, art, design, coding, music and more.”

These sessions were launched earlier in the year to showcase the latest features of various Apple devices and inspire creative activities, and among the Today at Apple videos already launched is the creation of seamless transitions and endless video loops in the Clips app.

Regarding its current virtual sessions, the company stated: “You will learn how to navigate your device and customize your settings … We will take you through the latest iPhone features and share some of our favorite tips.”


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