Aoun demands Salameh to know the reasons for the rise Al Anbaa Newspaper


Beirut – Omar Habanjar

With the limited decline of the US dollar in the Beirut markets yesterday, the number of international and main roads closed by the protesters on the coast of Mount Lebanon and the south decreased, to continue in the north and the Bekaa, in the afternoon, and the wheels were lit again in the afternoon, despite the rainy weather.

The Free Patriotic Movement, and through “Sawt Al-Mada” radio, considered that the popular movements are the product of a joint action between the Amal Movement, the Future Movement, the Lebanese Forces, the Progressive Socialist Party and the Kataeb Party.

The current source denied that this move was an innocent popular move. Rather, it is an organized partisan political, in which the goals intersect, some of which are to incite people, and some of which are to steal the government formation.

In the same context, the President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, asked the Governor of the Banque du Liban, Riad Salameh, while receiving him at the Baabda Palace, “to know the reasons that led to the rise in the price of the dollar to these levels, especially in the past few days, and to inform the Lebanese, in order to ensure transparency, of the results of the investigation. Conducted by the Special Investigation Commission ».

He also asked him to refer these results to the Public Prosecution so that those involved can be prosecuted, in case it is proven that there are illegal speculation operations on the national currency by individuals, institutions or banks.

According to a statement issued by the Presidential Palace: The President asked the Governor of the Banque du Liban about the implementation of Circular No. 154 issued by him to the banks.

He stressed the need to recover part of the funds previously transferred abroad by major shareholders and senior managers of banks, politicians and workers in the public sector, and to know what is the real size of the funds that were recovered in this context.

President Aoun stressed that the right to demonstrate is sacred, and among the duties of the security forces is to protect demonstrators and public and private property, and to guarantee the right of movement of people, which are rights enshrined in the constitution.

For its part, the Maronite Council of Bishops, which held its monthly session in Bkerke yesterday, headed by Patriarch Bechara Al-Rahi, considered that the popular objections are evidence of the failure of the authority and prevented it from carrying out reform. .

The bishops responded to all this to prevent the political authority from forming an important government of specialists, hoping to speed up judicial investigations about the Beirut bombing.

A follow-up banking source noted to Al-Anbaa that the placement of 6 cents on the WhatsApp communications tariff generated the October 17, 2019 uprising, and now with the rise in the dollar price from 1515 Syrian pounds at that time to 10,000 Syrian pounds today, the uprising has resumed more severely, bypassing Corona and sectarian and sectarian divisions.

Financial expert Elie Yashouei responds to the rapid rise of the dollar in Lebanon to two factors: psychological and technical, the first related to public policy and the other to financial policy.

However, the follow-up banking source excludes that the dollar will continue to cross the 10,000-pound barrier, because in that case, it becomes out of control, and takes us to the case of Venezuela and other countries angry with the United States.

As for the possibility of a decline in the price of the dollar, the source said, there are two ways: by forming a government that would secure an orderly decline of the dollar vis-à-vis the pound, and “civil disobedience”, meaning the commitment of homes rather than the streets, and disrupting businesses and jobs, pushing for the formation of the government, and reminding money whales and political wolves. That the shrouds do not have pockets.

Governmentally, the Future Movement has its priority in forming an important government, consisting of non-partisan specialists, and the presidential team, including the Free Movement, is its priority to hold the bridle before choosing the horse, and this is expressed by insisting on the “obstructing third” in the Council of Ministers, and the outcome is no government.

According to the follow-up sources, the authority is not in a hurry to find solutions, and the model is what happened in the face of the popular uprising in the face of the frightening rise in the price of the US dollar against the Lebanese pound, until the military and security authorities turned a blind eye to cutting roads between regions and inside cities, with burning rubber tires, and from smashing shops and some The façades of banks on Hamra Street, which polarizes commercial traffic in the Lebanese capital, relies on flexibility in reopening these roads, as if what is required is to leave the citizen suffocated by rising prices, to “spread his creation” by burning tires and insulting senior officials, it is the policy of using people’s anger, in the game of finger biting Ongoing between political forces.

And in the hope that the heat of street unrest would push this or that party to make concessions, which they would not have offered had the prevailing spatial stalemate continued, with each attempting to politically exploit the popular anger.

The evidence is that the latest proposition for President Aoun is to personally take over the selection of the Minister of Interior, in exchange for giving up the condition of obtaining the obstructing third in the government. President Aoun has initiated the proponents of this proposal to think about the proposal.

However, the concerned parties were soon informed, through the head of the Free Movement, Gebran Bassil, to reject this proposal, insisting on adhering to the prime minister’s share of seven ministers out of 18.

Faced with this answer, the circles of the former prime ministers moved to refuse to hand over the Ministry of Interior, believing that this would turn this ministry into a focus for malicious practices.


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