Angie Kiwan responds to the controversy of her photos with Amr Diab (video)


After the great controversy that accompanied the appearance of the media, Angie Kiwan, with the artist Amr Diab in Dubai, and his participation in the advertisement of his new perfume, Angie appeared to respond to all the criticism.

In statements to “ET Arabic”, Anji said that the public was not aware of her presentation and media activities, considering that the hype that was raised about the advertisement was part of the product’s propaganda.

Angie also commented on the rumors of her association with Amr Diab and her husband’s position on those rumors, confirming that her husband knew her well and he knew that the way of advertisements and appearing with Amr Diab would result in controversy and therefore they prepared as a family well, and she added that some deleted pictures of her husband from the pictures in which Amr Diab was present. But she was not angry because she considered the matter as propaganda.


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