Angela Bishara faces a harsh attack because of a media appearance … and responds with bold statements (video)


Angela Bishara, who is free from artist Wael Kfoury, was attacked by his fans for appearing in an interview on “Al Jadid” channel, according to “Nawaem” website. Angela Bishara had published on the story feature on “Instagram”, and wrote “Angela Bishara, Wael Kfoury, for the first time, with Ali Yassin on the new YouTube, is art.”

Immediately after the announcement of this interview, some criticized this behavior, accusing her of fame and seeking to attract attention after the separation.But Angela Bishara, did not stand silent in front of the criticism’s comments and replied: “If you are right, then you are supposed to resemble it … instead of bullying … a shame.”

Bishara spoke for the first time about her private life and her relationship with her ex-husband during the meeting. She said that she is never bothered to affix the adjective “Wael Kfoury” to her name, because this is the truth, but this does not eliminate her personality and her presence in life, according to the “Al-Jaras” website.The broadcaster asked her about the idea of ​​cohabitation before marriage, and she said that she supports it on the condition that it be between the period of engagement and marriage, declaring that she lived this stage for a year before her marriage to Kfoury.

She also welcomed the idea of ​​childbearing without marriage, and said that she supports this idea, even though our eastern society does not allow it.As for her life with Wael, she said: “It is very difficult to live with a famous person, and there is no love without jealousy, so we were both jealous of each other. Marriage is the highest institution in life, the fruit of which is the children, continuity and partnership between them but when one of them cancels the party The second then nullifies the marriage and the partnership. ”

And she considered that she derives her strength from her two daughters, Michel and Milana, who are the focus of her life, and she sacrifices every second for them, and will continue to make sacrifices in honor of them, explaining that she forgets her fatigue every time she hears from them: “You are the best mother in this life.

And she considered that the courts are unjust when they do not pronounce the truth and deprive a mother of her children, and this is the case of a number of mothers in our male society, stressing that the child must live in his mother’s bosom by saying: “Point on the line”.

Regarding her private life, she said: “I have been canceled, and this matter has become a thing of the past, and I am ready to live a new stage of my life, especially since the children of the sacred, who are many, were considered an obstacle to many settlements in the past.”


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