And because admitting guilt is a virtue, Agnelli … getting rid of Ronaldo and Juventus’ steps to return to the summit


“Did Juventus win the Champions League this year? No” is a famous satirical page on social media that tracks the old lady’s continental failure since the last time the team raised the ears in 1996, which reached its peak in past years.

After years of absolute local domination, it was logical for Juventus to crown its tournament with the European crown, but after he got close with Massimiliano Allegri and reached the final on two occasions but lost as usual in the last meeting of the Champions League, the situation has worsened in recent seasons.

Ajax in the quarter-finals, then Lyon, and then Porto, both of them from the round of 16, the results of which are not at all commensurate with the aspirations of a team the size of Juventus that seeks to win the Champions League title and aspires to lead the continent, and raises questions about what is lacking to complete the matter.

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There is no denying the tremendous work done by Andrea Agnelli’s administration in reviving the Bianconeri, disbursing money and returning the team to the top of Italian football, and also returning it to the European front in a short time, making it economically stable and spending money to support it constantly, but recently the man’s thought went in a different direction from what was previously mentioned. .

Agnelli became obsessed with the idea of ​​the superleague. Most of his time are preliminary statements to the daughters of his ideas to create a competition to replace his Champions League contract, which is limited only to senior people, despite the great opposition from the sports community, which in recent days has turned even to ridicule the president, as did “Sun”, which indicated that Juventus owner, his plans, and described them as stupid!

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Agnelli’s mistakes began to abound in recent years, first the departure of Massimiliano Allegri and the failure to make up for him, and the subsequent wrong options for Kasari and Pirlo, and the transfer market, which has become just a formula for overcoming the rules of fair play rather than a means to support the team, and even the biggest deal for Juventus in recent years in the form of Cristiano Ronaldo has become a heavy burden on the team.

The contract with Ronaldo was mainly to break the jinx with the heroes, but three attempts were all unsuccessful with his presence and the talk that the Portuguese had not added anything to Juventus made sense, the team did not need its goals to win in Italy, and now he bears his huge salary in light of a stormy crisis that hits the sports sector as a whole due to Corona.

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Juventus seems to have lost the way, even if he can turn the tables at Inter in Serie A and achieve his tenth title, and even if he wins the Cup against Atalanta, but that will not be enough to conceal the serious mistakes of Agnelli’s policies that need to be recognized and the course corrected.

The first decision should be to sacrifice Ronaldo, the player is thirty-six years old and yes, he attracts attention to Juventus and puts him under the spotlight, but the financial situation of the club currently does not bear his huge salary, and technically the team may benefit from that money to meet its needs in several centers, especially that in his absence he did good football On several occasions.

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Juventus should think about the distant future and not only in the period related to Ronaldo’s contract, betting on Pirlo may be right or wrong, but if Agnelli wants him to succeed, the young coach must be supported and not wait for his downfall and then let the justifications for his lack of experience bear the responsibility for his failure, his project must be supported And his support, as did Real Madrid with Zidane or Barcelona with Guardiola.

During his years as president of Juventus, Agnelli has witnessed countless Champions League crowns by attending the final matches of the tournament, but not once was his club lifting the cup with ears, so he has to review himself and ask after all those attempts and the money spent if the defect stemmed from him And his management or only one of the problems of his team and the lack of experience of his coaches.


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