An urgent statement from Al-Hijrah regarding the killing of an Egyptian and the wounding of his nephew by bullets at the hands of a Saudi


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Ambassador Nabila Makram Abdel-Shahid, Minister of State for Immigration and Egyptian Affairs Abroad, offered sincere condolences to the family of the Egyptian citizen “Ashri Muhammad Hassan”, who passed away on Friday after a shooting incident in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which also resulted in the injury of his nephew, Hussein Sami Muhammad Hassan. .

The Minister of Immigration contacted the Egyptian embassy and consulate in Riyadh, where all legal details are being followed up from initial investigations, in addition to following up the medical condition of the injured citizen, where his condition was stabilized and he was transferred to Shmeis Hospital in Riyadh.

Note that the Saudi authorities have arrested the accused of killing the Egyptian citizen and wounding his nephew, and the accused is now undergoing investigations.

The minister added that the transfer of the body of the deceased will be followed up after the completion of the necessary legal procedures, confirming confidence in the progress of investigations and legal procedures in the Kingdom.

Initial investigations revealed that the cause of the accident was a dispute between a Saudi citizen and the victim and his nephew, who are from the Minya governorate, Maghagha district, the village of Awlad al-Sheikh, and the dispute was following the transportation of a load of vegetables, and the Saudi ended up shooting at them, killing the first and wounding the second.

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