An uproar about the absence of Mayada al-Hanawi .. She suffers from Alzheimer’s?


The Syrian singer Mayada Al-Hinnawi reassured her audience of her health, explaining that her disappearance during the past years was due to emergency circumstances that she is going through, especially with the spread of the Corona epidemic.Al-Hinnawi added, through a telephone intervention through the “This Morning” program, that she “went through difficult circumstances during the past three years, unlike the spread of the Corona virus, which caused the failure to go out and spread as usual, but her sister died a while ago, and her brother also performed a difficult operation, and thus her appearance was Difficult. “

She stressed that she loves her audience and does not like to be absent from them, but the circumstances during the past years have been very difficult for her, saying: “My fans love him, and I swear by God Almighty … But we all went through difficult circumstances and our Lord removes the agony from us all.”Regarding the rumors that frequent her from time to time, the latest of which was her Alzheimer’s disease, she explained that she is following everything that is said, describing these matters as “rumors”, whose source is unknown.


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