An investigation is underway to determine who was responsible for the Al-Assad attack


Abdul-Jabbar Aboras / Anatolia

The White House announced, on Wednesday evening, that the investigation is “still ongoing” to determine who was responsible for the attack on the Assad base in Iraq.

This came, according to what was quoted by the American Al-Hurra channel, according to the White House spokeswoman, Jane Psaki, this evening.

The spokeswoman said, “The United States reserves the right to respond proportionately and in a calculated manner after verifying who is responsible for the attack on the Assad base.”

She added, “The National Security Team briefed President Biden on the details of the attack on the Al-Assad base, and the investigation to determine the party responsible is still ongoing.”

The Iraqi Ministry of Defense stated that, on Wednesday, a 10-missile attack targeted the “Ain Al-Assad” military base, which includes US forces, in Anbar Province, in the west of the country.

And “Ain Al-Assad” base is located in Al-Baghdadi district, 90 km west of Ramadi (the capital of Anbar), and it is considered the largest military base for US forces in Iraq.

The Green Zone, which includes the Washington embassy in the capital, Baghdad, and the military bases hosting the international coalition forces have been subjected to missile attacks, since the Iranian Quds Force commander, Qassem Soleimani, was killed in an American raid early last year.

The United States accuses the “Hezbollah” Brigades and Iraqi armed factions close to Iran of being behind the repeated missile attacks targeting its existing embassy and military bases.

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