An image of a Lebanese doctor in America sweeping the internet … gave the vaccine to a famous singer


A picture published by Lebanese-American radio presenter and producer Jad Abu Murad gained a sensation on the social networking site “Twitter”. In the details, Abu Murad published a picture of his father while giving him a dose of “Moderna” vaccine to American star Dolly Parton (75 years old). Abu Murad’s photo won more than 173,000 likes, and was retweeted more than 7,000 times.

Abu Murad wrote on the picture: “My father gives the Corona vaccine to Dolly Parton. Wonderful.”
According to a report published British newspaper “The Guardian”Naji Abu Murad gave Barton the vaccine dose, and he is a friend of the American star. Abu Murad previously treated Barton after she suffered minor injuries as a result of a traffic accident in 2013, and he encouraged her to support research on the Moderna vaccine. For her part, Parton published a video recording while she was receiving a dose of the vaccine, and she called on others to do the same. “I’ve been waiting for a while, I’m old enough to receive it and I’m smart enough to receive it,” Barton said. Parton announced that she had received the “Moderna” vaccine, saying: “I am very happy to have a dose of Moderna (vaccine) today,” noting that the singer had previously supported Moderna’s efforts to develop the vaccine by donating a million dollars last year.

Source: “Rasd” Lebanon 24


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