An Egyptian actress talks about being paralyzed due to cosmetic needles – thought and art


The Egyptian actress, Mona Abdel Majeed, who was living in Kuwait, appeared in a video clip of about 20 seconds duration, talking about her illness and suffering after she was paralyzed due to plastic surgery.

The Egyptian artist expressed her grief over the spread of the rumor of her death: “People think me dead. I got on the plane and met people saying,” In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful. Isn’t you Mona Abdel Majid? ”

In response that plastic surgery is the reason, Mona said: “All I did in my cheek was that I took collagen needles, and I had paralysis, stroke, and blood collection in the left ventricle.”

The Kuwaiti media, Mai Al-Aidan, republished the old video of the Egyptian actress, during which she appeared last talking about her illness and suffering after being paralyzed due to plastic surgery, in support of her in her health crisis.

Mona, a 61-year-old Egyptian actress, lives in Kuwait, and began working in the artistic field in 1984, and the beginning was with her participation in directing as an assistant director in a number of television and theatrical productions, and in 1992 she began acting.

In 2007, she suffered a stroke, which led to her going into paraplegia, due to the failure of a plastic surgery that she had performed, and she lived in Kuwait and got married there until her husband passed away from life, according to Al-Watan newspaper.

I presented a large number of Kuwaiti dramas, most notably Suleiman al-Tayyib, Marital Lives, Nora, The Harem, Remnants of Night, the Soulless, the Empress, Great Love, Mother of Daughters, Life has a price, the Happy House, A Very Family Memoir, the Swing, and Dreams of Tawash.

On the stage level, she performed a number of important plays, including “Barbie” and “Al-Wad is a Kuwaiti”, “Full Fat”, “Leslie and the Forest”, “Right to Your Tongue”, “Who Knows Who Knows”, and “Babes, Young People.” , “Only the right is true,” “Oh, O girls,” “Jamaan,” “One + One,” in addition to a large number of films.



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