An astronomer spends 12 years viewing the Milky Way


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Mitsavanio began his photographic project in 2009 and for 12 years focused on the various spaces and objects in the Milky Way, depicting the hanging mosaics as individual works of art. He proceeded to complete the high-resolution landscape of the galaxy as a whole by filling in the blanks not covered in the original works.

“I think it is the first time that an image has been presented with such accuracy and depth of the three-color paths,” Mitsavanio commented in an interview with the Metapixel website.

The image is 100,000 pixels wide and has 234 sheets glued together. It also extends 125 degrees from the sky from Taurus to Hen.

“The flow that governed my work is constant, with few necessary twists between mosaic frames,” Mitsavagnio added. The total display time was 1250 hours, and some frameworks appeared to be more clear than others.

The astronomer’s gear has seen some change over the years. All the mosaics were accomplished by means of “Photoshop”, as Mitsavaneo worked directly on combining the various panels using common stars to be able to describe them.


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