An American senator reposts a video of “Houthi missile strike near Khobar” attacking Biden


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Republican Senator Bill Hagerty commented on a circulating video clip claiming to film the moment a missile launched by the Houthi group in Yemen hit a target in the Khobar region in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, criticizing the US President, Joe Biden.

The video clip, which the US Senator punished, was published by the “Eleent News” website with a comment in which it said: “A preliminary video circulating of a ballistic missile strike near Al-Khobar, eastern Saudi Arabia.”

The senator reposted the video on his official Twitter page, saying, “Another missile attack against Saudi Arabia today bears all signs of an Iranian-backed attack. Biden’s desire to ease sanctions on Iran seems to be encouraging the mullahs to escalate their violence against us and our allies.”

And the Saudi Press Agency had published a report on an official source in the Saudi Ministry of Energy, in which he said that “one of the oil tank yards, in the port of Ras Tanura, in the Eastern Province, which is one of the largest oil shipping ports in the world, was attacked this morning by a plane. An unmanned march coming from the sea side, explaining that the targeting attempt, praise be to God, did not result in any injuries or loss of life or property. ”

The official revealed that “another deliberate attempt to attack Saudi Aramco facilities, as fragments of a ballistic missile fell this evening near the Saudi Aramco residential neighborhood in Dhahran, which is inhabited by thousands of the company’s employees and their families, of different nationalities.”


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