An American city refuses 6 thousand doses of the “Johnson & Johnson” anti-Corona vaccine


An American city refuses 6 thousand doses of vaccine


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Johnson & Johnson Vaccine

Mike Duggan, Mayor of Detroit, Michigan, refused to receive 6,000 doses of the “Johnson & Johnson” vaccine against the emerging corona virus.

Dugan justified his decision by twice the effectiveness of the “Johnson & Johnson” vaccine, which is taken in a single dose, compared to the vaccines that divide into two doses.

Tests showed that the effectiveness of the “Johnson & Johnson” vaccine in fighting the Corona virus reached 72 percent, while the efficacy of “Vise” and “Moderna” vaccines was about 95 percent.

On February 27, the US government agreed to use the Johnson & Johnson vaccine to prevent the Corona virus, to allow millions of Americans to be immunized against the epidemic in the coming weeks, and to open the way for other countries to approve the vaccine.

The Food and Drug Administration announced its approval of the emergency use of the vaccine for adults aged eighteen and over, after its committee of external experts unanimously approved it.

Source: RT


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