An amazing invention .. Google develops a new technology for sensing sleep and improving sleep patterns


Follow-up _ Nour Njeim:

Google invented a new home device that works with an Internet connection and a sleep sensor. And improve his patterns.

The main feature gives the sensation of sleep fluctuations and the presence of snoring as well. In the latest version of “Nest Hub” (Nest Center), which is a 7-inch smart screen, it was unveiled on Tuesday.

However, Google’s latest device – the “Nest Hub” – can also perform a new service. If you allow it, the device will also monitor your sleep patterns. This eliminates the need to wear a fitness equipment or other potentially irritating equipment in bed.

The modern feature relies on a new chip called “Soli”, which uses radar to detect movement, including a person’s breathing depth.

Nest Hub, which costs $ 100, can also display photos and videos. In addition to asking questions and handling household tasks through a voice-activated Google Assistant. But the device does not have a camera.

Nest Hub should issue weekly sleep reports with easy-to-understand details about the duration and quality of sleep, how often the user wakes at night, snores and coughs. Along with the advice developed in consultation with the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

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