Ammar bin Hamid: Digital transformation is an urgent necessity and a major requirement


His Highness Sheikh Ammar bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, Crown Prince of Ajman and Chairman of the Executive Council, chaired the second Executive Council session for the year 2021, which was held in Masfoot, and reviewed a number of vital files in the emirate in various sectors. At the beginning of the session, His Highness affirmed the ancient historical status of Masfout, the interest of leaders in these areas vibrant with natural life and archaeological sites, and the need to invest in them while preserving their authenticity. The Council reviewed the urban plan project for Masfout, which aims to develop the urban perspective by identifying the current conditions in the urban, environmental, demographic and economic fields. In this context, His Highness explained that the Ajman government is keen to advance all cities and regions of the emirate, especially areas that have a unique heritage and environmental character, and work on these projects will be carried out in accordance with the governance system with the participation of all concerned and competent authorities and to study the economic, social and environmental consequences .. stressing the necessity of involving the local community in Masfout City in implementing plans and initiatives that will have a direct economic and social impact on the people of the region. In addition, the Council stressed the importance of developing a policy to attract foreign investments and determining the direct gains that the emirate aspires to obtain, such as employment opportunities and transfer of knowledge and technology, after the council discussed economic activities with a strategic impact in the emirate. In the digital transformation file, the Council reviewed the results of the digital transformation indicators that reviewed the progress in the digital transformation plan. In this regard, His Highness the Crown Prince of Ajman said that the circumstances experienced by the governments confirmed that digital transformation has become today an urgent necessity and a major requirement that supports many strategic and vital sectors, and therefore it is necessary to find quick solutions and work mechanisms that meet the requirements of digital transformation and provide comprehensive and accurate data immediately through them. . The Council reviewed the report of the Citizens Affairs Office, which reviewed the percentages of achievement in the initiatives of His Highness the Ruler to the citizens. In this regard, His Highness praised the initiative of His Highness the Ruler of Ajman to support medical students and encourage them to enroll in medical colleges in various specialties. The Council reviewed the report of the Crisis and Emergency Committee on the progress of work in establishing and equipping a field hospital in the city of Ajman to receive emergency cases for people with Covid 19 as a step to strengthen the health system in the face of the epidemic and to contain any developments in the next stage. At the end of the session, His Highness Sheikh Ammar bin Humaid Al Nuaimi called on the members of the Executive Council to continue their hard work and sincere efforts in the interest of the emirate and its society.


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