American politician: Saudi Arabia is an indispensable ally in the Middle East – Saudi News


American politician Jason Greenblatt, who was former President Trump’s envoy to the Middle East, expressed his frustration and astonishment at what was circulated in some American media by some political analysts, that the interests of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia “often conflict” with Washington, and that “the Saudis are obstructing them.” Advancing the United States’ priorities in the Middle East, especially in recent years. He added in an article published in the American Newsweek magazine: What is surprising is that one of the biggest threats the United States faces today is Iran’s nuclear ambition and hegemony over the region, while Saudi Arabia has been working hard with the Trump administration to help protect the national security interests of the United States and the interests of our allies. Greenblatt noted that the Biden administration appears to be taking a different, misleading, and unfortunate approach to the Iranian regime, which could push the kingdom and other more vulnerable allies to seek alliances elsewhere. He explained that the voices criticizing the Iranian threat are the same as those in the Middle East, and instead, the Biden administration is now putting some European countries at the highest level for consultation when it comes to Iran, even though these countries are not in danger of the Iranian threat in the same way as our allies in the region. Middle east. And the former US envoy indicated that some voices argue that the Kingdom is not an ally, but rather a partner, indicating that this is a wrong term because the Kingdom is an “ally and a partner.” Greenblatt explained that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is the second most important voice in the kingdom, and the United States has no right to impose its dictates on the kingdom. He said: Based on my extensive experience with the Crown Prince and those who work closely with him, he is the leader who will greatly benefit the Kingdom, the United States and our other allies in the region, as the relationship between our two countries is broader, deep and wide. He hinted that Riyadh today is more important to Washington than ever before, as it is fighting in the region a battle of goodness against evil, terrorism and chaos in exchange for stability, and the Kingdom and other countries in the region are looking for ways to achieve a brighter future for their youth.


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