American cinemas reopen with “Godzilla vs. Kong”


Set back Cineworld Group Opening of American cinemas Regal On April 4, with a limited release of a movie.Godzilla vs. Kong And a wider release of a movie. Mortal Kombat As of next April 16

And theaters are reopening in the United Kingdom, the group’s second largest market Cineworld Group Next May, as per government directives there, in-house cinemas in the UK are due to reopen on 17 May.

The company producing the movie had been put forward Godzilla vs. Kong Two new posters for the work that will be shown in theaters around the world starting from March 31, after postponing the launch of the work from the 26th of the same month, without giving reasons for that, and the promotional photos contained a sentence.One Will FallWhich indicates that only one of the legendary characters wins at work.

وفيلم Godzilla vs. Kong Starring Alexander Skarsgard, Millie Bobby Brown, Rebecca Hall, Priya Tyry Henry, Sean Oguri, Aisa Gonzalez, Julian Dennison, Lance Riddick, Kyle Chandler, Dimyan Bashir, Kylie Hotel, Hakim Kai Kazem and Ronnie Ching


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