American Basketball League: The League will not compel players to receive the Corona vaccine


Los Angeles – Adam Silver, NBA commissioner, stressed that the league will not force players to receive the vaccine against Covid-19, adding that if the country’s health continues to improve, the league will be able to play its matches within a normal schedule amid “relatively full” stadiums next season. .
“About half of our teams are receiving fans in their stadiums at the present time, and if the vaccination campaign against the virus continues at this pace, and it remains as effective as it is now,” Silver said during a video conference on the sidelines of the All-Star match, scheduled for Sunday. Against the virus and its strains, we hope for relatively full stadiums next season. ”
Silver stressed that there are no plans to play exhibition matches or regular rounds outside the United States next season, but he remains confident that the teams will be able to play a full calendar of 82 matches, as is the custom for the league to start in October and end in June.
The commissioner emphasized that whether or not to receive the vaccine is a “personal decision” that players should make like any member of society.
He revealed that according to his information, no player in the league has received the vaccine until now, unlike some coaches, workers and employees due to their age or health conditions.
Silver stressed that the league’s health protocols, which include wearing masks, social distancing, strict contact tracking and quarantine, allowed the season to continue with “a relatively small percentage of matches” postponed.
Last season’s competitions were forcibly suspended in March due to the pandemic and 171 matches were canceled before continuing in the Orlando Health Bubble in Florida, where the Los Angeles Lakers won their first title 10 years ago.
The new season started late due to the repercussions of the pandemic on December 22, with 72 matches for each team in the regular round instead of 82.
Silver said the financial repercussions were and are “significant” and are borne by both owners and players, “The past and current seasons required significant investments on the part of club owners.” They accept that. Players will end up cutting their salaries this season because they are partners with the league and the difference in revenue. ”
He added, “Officials in the league and executives in clubs have agreed to reduce their salaries.”– (AFP)


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